insurance.gif Regarding Your Dental Insurance...
Dental insurance is often a complex and confusing issue. The lack of information provided by some insurance companies often makes it difficult for patients to properly understand their benefits.

Dental insurance is a contract between your employer and a dental insurance company. Your employer- along with the insurance company- chooses the services that will be covered and the benefits that you will receive. This office has no say as to what procedures may or may not be covered.

Our goal is to provide you with optimal dental care. Your insurance company is in business to make money for its shareholders. We will strive to help you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled under your insurance plan, but we are here to do what is best for YOU- not what is best for your insurance company.

Your insurance company may utilize different strategies for limiting the amount of benefits it pays out. Aside from restricting various procedures, most dental insurance plans limit the amount of benefits you may receive in a year. In addition, some insurance companies conveniently create their own arbitrary fee schedules, and then pay benefits according to their fee schedule.

Your insurance company may advise you to get a pre-authorization before starting treatment, knowing that the longer treatment is postponed, the less likely it is to be done. In MOST cases this is NOT necessary.

We will always discuss all fees with you before treatment is started, and we will gladly address your insurance questions at any time. Again, we will try to maximize the benefits you receive, but we are here to do what is best for YOU- not your insurance company.

For those with little or no insurance coverage, we offer our own, in-house, "D.O.C." dental program:

D.O.C. (Dental Office Comprehensive) Program

Enrollment Period NOW
Term of enrollment: One Year
Program Includes:

  1. Two complete examinations
  2. Any necessary bitewing x-rays
  3. Two Cleanings

• Minimum 15% Courtesy Off Standard Fees for ALL Other Treatment (EXCEPT IMPLANTS)

• D.O.C. fee must be paid at the time treatment is rendered, or standard fee will apply.

• Examples of D.O.C. Program Savings:


Standard Fee

D.O.C. Fee

Porcelain crown - noble metal crown



Extraction (simple)



Composite (front-tooth-colored) filling - 2 surface



Tooth Whitening (bleaching)



Full series X-rays



• D.O.C. FEE: $515

Answers to Common Questions:

Q. What if I come in for a check-up and cleaning twice a year, along with a set of bitewing x-rays, but have no other treatment?
A. You will save $150 for the year. The D.O.C. Program encourages preventive dentistry.

Q. And if I need any other treatment?
A. All other treatments (except implant-related) will be rendered with at least a 15% courtesy off the standard fees. The more            treatment you need, the more money you will save.

Q. How do I sign up?
A. Just inform the receptionist- that's it! You will be asked to pay the yearly fee, which includes two check-ups and cleanings              within the 12 month period.

Q. I recently started treatment but I didn't join yet- can I still get the benefits of the Program?
A. No problem! We will be happy to apply any treatment rendered in the last 10 days towards the program.

Q. Are there any deductibles? Any "pre-existing conditions?"
A. NO!!!

Q. So cosmetic procedures and bleaching are COVERED?
A. YES!!!

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